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  • British Asparagus Season

    British Asparagus Season
    The British asparagus season begins in late April and continues until late June – it's the perfect time to enjoy this simple and delicious vegetable with its tender stem and spear.  Asparagus is so easy to prepare – wash it and then hold...
  • Avocado - A Superfood

    Avocado - A Superfood
    The avocado is regarded a superfood and has grown enormously in popularity over recent years. In 2016 and 2017 the avocado saw the highest increase in sales in the UK of any fresh fruit or vegetable. This delicious fruit is quick and easy ...
  • Strawberries are the Best

    Strawberries are the Best
    Strawberries are the best fruit for summer, sun and Wimbledon! Bring on those delicious, sweet, red mouthfuls of summer fruit. So why do we love strawberries so much?  Perhaps because the best British strawberries are only available for a rel...
  • Here's how to avoid Avocado Hand

    Here's how to avoid Avocado Hand
    Avocado has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons – so here's how to avoid an avocado hand injury – the term that’s been given to someone who, when cutting an avocado in half, has accidentally cut their hand. We have the ...
  • Garlic - An Essential Ingredient

    Garlic - An Essential Ingredient
    Garlic is a cook’s essential ingredient for many different types of cooking - it's multi-national – Italian, French, Greek, Indian, Chinese, Mexican as well as British and much more. Read on to discover more about this essential ingredien...