Berry Jam

This jam is packed with summer fruitfulness! Use any combination of summer berries.


  • 800g soft fruit such as strawberries / blackberries / raspberries / blueberries (can be mixed)
  • 2150ml water
  • 500g jam sugar or caster sugar


  • Wash and clean the fruit removing any stalks and place in a large saucepan or the base of your pressure cooker.
  • Add the water and sugar on a high heat. Bring to the boil making sure all the sugar has dissolved and is well stirred into the fruit.
  • Allow to simmer for up to an hour on a medium heat until the mixture has become thick, sugary syrup. You will know it’s ready when you dip a spoon in and it is covered in the thick syrup and just a couple of drips fall off the spoon, or you can check with a jam thermometer.
  • Place in your clean jam jars and leave in a cool area. Seal and label.