Black Friday Offers

We have some GREAT Black Friday Offers for you. All these offers apply until 2nd December - or while stocks last.

SAVE 40% on ALL Duromatic Pressure Cookers. These Swiss designed, Swiss made pressure cookers not only look fabulous they are also easy, safe and quiet to use. They will save you up to two thirds of the conventional cooking time. SAVE time and SAVE money with one of our pressure cookers.

SAVE 40% on ALL Kuhn Rikon Cookware.  We have a wide range of Swiss designed pans. There's a choice of material including stainless steel, non-stick aluminium and black iron - there'll be a pan to suit you.

SAVE 40% on ALL Kuhn Rikon Frying Pans.  There's a wide choice of frying pans, grill pans and woks - for all sorts of cooking - from frying eggs to making omelettes, grilling meat or stir frying vegetables.

SAVE 25% on ALL Kuhn Rikon Knives. You'll find an extensive range of knives from colourful paring knives to excellent Chef's knives. There are specialist knives too - bread knives, melon knives, cheese knives and more.

SAVE 25% on ALL Kuhn Rikon Tools and Gadgets. Swiss designed, time-saving, effective gadgets to help you with your food preparation.

PLUS - There's also up to 60% off in our Outlet store.

Take advantage of our Black Friday deals and save, save, save.