Brutally Beautiful Monument

Our Kuhn Rikon designers are forever leading with innovation and carefully designed, practical, efficient products for the kitchen and home. Their creative skills have led them to create a range in concrete called Monument. Monument is innovative, eye-catching, unique and brutally beautiful.

Each piece is hand-crafted and each piece is total unique because concrete takes on its own finish in colour and texture.

The raw materials are typical – cement, sand and gravel mixed with water. Where possible we have included recycled materials, for instance the HOTPAN® Monument bowl is made up of 25% recycled materials.

The products are available in a choice of colour – grey or the darker anthracite. Some of the products have faceted sides, creating an angular finish that plays with light and shadows.

The Monument Concrete Knife Block - has the appealing faceted sides and the insert is maple wood, creating a warm finish to the concrete holder.

The Monument Concrete Bottle Cooler or Utensil Holder – also has the faceted sides. This versatile pot can be used to keep chilled bottles cool, or use it as a utensil holder.

The Monument Concrete Spoon Rest – the faceted sides make this a most attractive spoon rest or a holder for a mug or small bowl.

The Monument Concrete Bowl – the recessed handles ensure this bowl easy to lift. Use the bowl for cold, dry food or as an impressive fruit bowl.

The Monument Concrete Serving Casserole – complete the cooking process of a casserole by placing the pan in the concrete bowl, the insulating properties of concrete ensure that heat is retained and the casserole continues to cook.

All these practical items are stunningly unique, eye-catching pieces for your kitchen or dining area.

See the complete range of Monument Concrete from Kuhn Rikon.