KOCHBLUME produce an extensive range of bold, colourful, practical silicone tools, gadgets and cleaning products. Products include the best-selling Spill Stopper and award winning Stay Clean Scrubbers.

Kuhn Rikon UK have brought the range to the UK and Republic of Ireland as the exclusive distributors of KOCHBLUME in these countries. This German company was established in 2003 and the products are successfully sold throughout the world.

KOCHBLUME Cooking includes top quality tools that are constructed with 100% food grade silicone encasing a central core of stainless steel for added strength. The handles have a loop for hanging storage and the tools are heat resistant from -40°C to +260°C. They are easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and are robust, durable, acid and alkaline resistant.  The range is available in nine vibrant colours and a wide choice of contemporary shapes.

KOCHBLUME Useful Tools are cleverly created gadgets that will make life easier in the kitchen. The range includes silicone trivets, space saving collapsible colanders (that double as steamers) and a funnel that can be adapted for narrow or wider necked containers. There’s also the popular Spill Stopper (already sold under the Kuhn Rikon brand), this brilliantly simple item will stop pasta, potatoes and rice from boiling over.

KOCHBLUME Cleaning products include the award winning best-selling Stay Clean Scrubber and other silicone sponges, scourers and brushes. These cleaning items will not harbour germs as they don’t hold water and they’re so easy to clean in the dishwasher or a pan of boiling water. The range is available in various bold colours and includes a choice of silicone brushes, including bottle rushes that will reach awkward corners through narrow necked containers.

There are also some micro fibre cloths and towels that are super efficient at absorbing water and great for achieving a brilliant finish on work surfaces, mirrors and more.  Perfect for cleaning around the home.

KOCHBLUME Keeping Fresh range will reduce the amount of cling film and foil that you use. There’s a wide selection of silicone lids and Stretch-ii covers; they are dishwasher safe and available in a choice of sizes and colours.  

The silicone lids will seal any smooth rimmed container, these versatile lids can be used on the hob, in the oven, in the microwave and in the fridge; they are also great at the table for covering food or just keeping it warm.

The Stretch-ii covers will create an air-tight and water-tight lid on all sorts of containers, including jugs. They can also be used to seal cut fruit and vegetables.

KOCHBLUME products are bold and colourful as well as being practical and durable – bring colour and useful products into your kitchen with KOCHBLUME.  See the complete range.