Summer Holidays with the Kids

We’ve got a selection of gadgets to help you through the summer holidays with the kids – come rain or shine!

Get the younger ones in to the kitchen, they’ll enjoy helping out with our KinderKitchen tools and they’ll learn some knife skills too! The KinderKitchen knives are designed for small hands and come in appealing dog designs. The blades are made of strong Japanese steel; they are designed not to be as sharp as adult knives but sharp enough to cut through softer food.

The Essentials Set is available in a choice of colours and it includes a pair of duck designed snippers for cutting herbs and slices of fruit and vegetables.  We recommend adult supervision at all times to guide and help budding chefs while they gain some knife and scissor skills.

Children will also enjoy creating mini pies with the Pocket Maker Set. The set includes three different shapes for creating mini pies, pizza pockets, filled dumplings and more. Great fun for young cooks.

If you are baking cakes and pastries then take a look at our decorating sets. We have a selection of sets for decorating cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pastry. Children will enjoy using these decorating tools too – have some fun, let the imagination get carried away and create food that just looks amazing!

Pack a picnic on sunny days. Our flexible Colori sandwich knife has a serrated edge – so it’s easy to spread butter and soft fillings and you can use the serrated edge to cut up the fillings or the finished sandwich.

If you’re preparing seasonal fruit you’ll find our fun and practical fruit knives are designed specifically for preparing certain fruit. The Avocado Knife is designed to cut, core, peel and slice an avocado with ease.

The Strawberry Knife is two gadgets in one; you can use one end to remove the stalk and the blade to cut the strawberry.

The Apple Knife is a three in one gadget with a blade for cutting as well as a peeler and a corer.

The Melon Knife will cut through the hard skin of melons and other hard skinned fruit such as pineapple. The strong broad knife will cut large fruit with ease.

When you’re ready to pack up your picnic it’ll be so much quicker and easier with the Kuhn Rikon Fast Wrap – this nifty gadget will easily dispense and cut cling film or aluminium foil – so there’s less waste and you won’t get tangled up with cling film!

Enjoy your summer holidays with the kids – whether you’re at home in the kitchen, away on holiday or just have a day out.