Summer Offers

We have a selection of summer offers and promotions for you – save up to 25% on these products for your summer BBQ, summer eating and picnics.

Our high quality BBQ tools are made of stainless steel, the long, off-set handles make it easier and safer to handle food on the BBQ and there's a hanging loop for easy storage, or for hanging by the BBQ when in use. The tools (BBQ turner, BBQ fork, BBQ tongs, BBQ silicone brush and BBQ grill brush) are available separately, or you can buy them in a smart, metal case for easy storage and for carrying to picnics, the beach or on holiday. Read more – the tools reduced are from £14.95 each to £19.95 / the BBQ set is reduced from £99.95 to £74.95.

Here are two products that will save you time and help you prepare a salad in a jiffy. Use the box mandolin & grater to slice cucumber, grate carrot, beetroot or cheese. The Swiss Chop Chop will quickly chop up ingredients for a salsa or a dip. Just pull the handle and the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Chop Chop will chop onions, garlic, carrot, avocado, herbs and so much more.  Read more - Box mandolin & grate reduced from £29.95 to £24.95 / Swiss Chop Chop reduced from £29.95 to £24.95.

The Collapsible Colander is a brilliant space saving colander. It’s made of silicone so it can be easily opened up for draining fruit and vegetables, then just press it flat for easy storage. The two handles make it easy to hold and the many holes ensure the contents are drained effectively. Read more – Collapsible Colander reduced from £24.95 to £19.95.

The Universal Pot is a cunning pan – the small diameter means it will fit on the smallest ring, but this tall, 2.7 litre pan can also be used for cooking soup and sauces. The narrow, tall straining basket  is perfect for steaming vegetables, especially corn on the cob or asparagus. The pouring lip, draining holes in the lid rim and glass lid are all useful and practical added features.  Read more – Universal Pot reduced from £49.94 to half price at £19.95.

The Ratchet Salad Spinner will dry salads, herbs and other fruit and veg fast and efficiently. Just spin the basket by rocking the ratchet handle – it’s that easy to use. Remove the lid and the draining basket and use the bowl to serve your salad. Read more - Ratchet Salad Spinner reduced from £29.95 to £24.95.

Corn on the cob is a popular, seasonal vegetable. Just grill it on the BBQ, or steam it in the Universal Pot – either way if you’re eating the corn off the cob you’ll need a Corn Holder Set, the appealing design and pointed prong make these practical and attractive to use. Read more - Corn Holder Set reduced from £8.95 to £6.95.

Stripping corn off the cob can be tricky, so try this Kuhn Rikon Corn Zipper, it’s brilliant at removing the kernals quickly and easily.  Read more - Corn Zipper reduced from £8.95 to £6.95.

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