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How do I release the pressure from my pressure cooker?

There are three methods for releasing the pressure in your cooker. Recipes will indicate which release method to use at the end of the cooking process.

1. Touch Release (Quick Release) Method - The valve on the lid of the DUROMATIC pressure cooker releases the pressure quickly by a light finger touch or, if you prefer, you can use a long-handled spoon or spatula to depress the insulated, black valve cap. This method is suggested if you wish to interrupt the cooking process in order to add some further ingredients. By releasing the steam this way you can quickly open the pressure cooker without cooling off the pot and stopping the cooking process. Do not use this method for food that foams and is cooked on the first red ring.

2. Cold Water Release Method - If a quicker release of pressure is desired, the pan can be carried to the sink and cold water may be run over the lid (but not the valve). This method is mainly used for food with short cooking times where it is essential to stop the cooking process as fast as possible. For example risotto, polenta, or fresh vegetables. Do not use this method for food that foams (rice, beans, and stocks) or is cooked on the first red ring.

3. Natural Release Method - A third method of releasing the pressure is to remove the pressure cooker from the heat source and to allow the pressure to subside naturally. This is the preferred method if you are cooking beans, potatoes, or other foods that have a skin that you wish to remain intact. The time it takes to release the pressure in this manner is calculated into all pressure cooker recipes. 
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