WAVE Range

Kuhn Rikon WAVE is a range of modular storage for around the home and organised drainage by the kitchen sink. All the products have been carefully designed in Switzerland to help meet the needs of the busy home. These attractive products are available in stylish colours of black and grey to suit any colour scheme.


The common feature on most of the products is a WAVE base – this makes it easy to pick up items in the storage trays and ensures water is channelled away in the drainage range.


WAVE Storage modular drawer organisers can be purchased as a set to fit a typical drawer, or individually to fit the space you have available. There are trays in three different sizes and they can easily be arranged side by side, or stacked to suit your needs. Use the trays for storing all sorts of household items including items in the kitchen, bathroom, office, craft room and garage. The WAVE base in the trays ensures it’s easy to pick up items.


The WAVE Safe Store Knife Organiser is perfect for storing knives so that both the blades and your fingers are protected. Adjust the blade rest to suit the average length of your knives. This unit can be used on its own or with other storage trays.


The WAVE counter helper is a great help in the kitchen. Use the front section as a spoon rest and use the holder for resting a mobile phone, tablet, book or pan lid.  


The WAVE Dish Rack Set comprises three pieces. The draining mat has a WAVE base to speed up the draining and drying process. The mat is also tapered so that water is channelled towards the sink. The cutlery holder can be placed anywhere on the mat to hold cutlery and utensils. The rack has slots of varying sizes to accommodate crockery, glasses, lids and more. The three pieces that make up the set can also be purchased individually and the mat is available in two sizes.


The WAVE Sink Caddy will keep the washing up brush, sponge, scourer and cloth neatly together. Use the suction cups to attach it to the side of the sink. The angled mat drains the water towards the sink and the holes in the base of the brush holder ensure that water can easily run away.


The WAVE Safe Clean Knife Scrubber will clean knives and cutlery effectively while fingers are kept away from the blades. Attach it to the side of the sink with the two suction caps and use the mat to channel water in to the sink. The unit can be easily taken apart for cleaning.  


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