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Kuhn Rikon is based in Switzerland where the company has been creating efficient, effective, top quality kitchenware for over 90 years.  We are very proud that many of the products are so innovative that they have been internationally recognised with prestigious design awards.

Kuhn Rikon UK was established in 1980, the products are sold through a wide range of high street and internet retailers who have helped to establish the brand in the UK.  Do get in touch if you want to know who stocks Kuhn Rikon products near you.

We, at Kuhn Rikon UK, recently launched this, our first transactional website – you can now browse the complete range of Kuhn Rikon cookware, knives and other kitchen gadgets all in the one place.

You’ll find everything, including a state of the art Bluetooth pressure cooker, pressure cooker spares, our excellent Colori® and Colori+® knives, even our popular Stay Clean Scrubber.

Our range includes:-

  • Duromatic & Comfort pressure cookers – top quality pressure cookers that include safety features to ensure they are easy to use, you can produce nutritious meals quickly and safely.
  • Cookware – including ranges such as Colori and Easy Induction - there are casseroles, saucepans, shallow casseroles, milk pans and much more.
  • Frying pans – a wide choice of frying pans and woks, available in different materials and a range of sizes.
  • Cooking at the Table products – a selection of fondue sets and raclette sets.
  • Knives – a wide choice of knives in different styles and blades for all types of food preparation, there are scissors, knife storage, sharpeners and chopping boards too.
  • Food preparation – including can openers, graters, peelers, mashers, ricers, grinders, cruet sets and BBQ tools.

We'll deliver within 2 - 3 days - often quicker. FREE standard carriage when your order is worth just £30 or more. Read more about our delivery information.

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