Easy Entertaining

Here are some products for easy entertaining, they will save you time and effort in the kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for a crowd or just for one or two you want to get the cooking done so that you can enjoy yourself. 

Duromatic Pressure Cookers –  Our pressure cookers are so quick and easy to use. They’ll certainly save you time. You can create casseroles, soups and pot roasts so much quicker than conventional cooking. Wow your guests with a meal that’s produced really quickly.  

Casseroles – Use a large casserole to cook for a crowd. Make a soup, casserole, curry or pot roast in a casserole. We have a range of styles, shapes and sizes. These casseroles can be used on the hob, in the oven and taken to the table – so you’ll save on washing up too! 

Kitchen Knives – Sharp knives are a must when it comes to fast, easy food preparation.  We offer a wide selection of great value knives. These knives have a super sharp edge for safe and effective chopping, slicing and dicing. 

Swiss Chop Chop – Use the Swiss Chop Chop to quickly dice an onion, make a salsa, guacamole, sauce or dip. The Swiss Chop Chop can also chop nuts, chocolate, biscuits and more. It's so quick and easy to use you’ll be wondering how you managed without this nifty gadget.

Potato Ricer – This clever gadget creates smooth and creamy mashed potato. Place steamed or boiled potatoes in the hopper and press the handles together for a delicious mash.  Use for other root vegetables, such as swede, sweet potato, parsnips and carrots. It can also be used for making sauces and for puréeing baby food. The handles are ergonomically designed to make the task really easy. 

Fast Wrap – Quickly and easily cover prepared food or left overs with the Fast Wrap. This gadget dispenses cling film or aluminium foil. There’s no need to get in a tangle, just pull out the amount you need and roll the cutter along the edge.  

These are just a few of the products that offer easy entertaining, take a look at the complete range for more.